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  1. Devin Price

    Great new name! It’s neat to see the managed hosting space for WordPress growing up and evolving.

  2. Devin Walker

    Much better name in my opinion. Their website needs some snaz kicked into it, but it looks like they are heading in a better direction. I didn’t know Vid had such connections with the higher ups at Rackspace, that’s good to know.

    1. Matt

      He received some funding from Rackspace and Automattic along with others from an earlier interview: http://torquemag.io/vid-luther-zippykid/

      Here’s his original SEC filing http://www.secinfo.com/d1eBqr.qe.htm#1stPage

      Some additional info from Crunchbase fwiw http://www.crunchbase.com/company/zippykid

  3. Joel Eade

    I like the new name, and those pan changes make it a more attractive alternative to WP Engine than it was.

    One typo I noticed – “…their midlevel plan ($45 / month) to ten from five.” I think ten and five are in the wrong order.

    1. Joel Eade

      Gah! I just woke up dopey eyed so I’ve misread your grammar. Feel free to delete this comment ;)

  4. Pothi Kalimuthu

    While changes are inevitable in life, I wish Vid chose another name. There already exists a (very) low profile Presslabs, a managed WP hosting company. Nevertheless, I wish Pressable a bright future and I thank them for their contribution to the open source community.

  5. Chirag

    Good to see new, more flexible plans to accommodate more clients, as per their hosting needs. I hosted my first ever business on ZippyKid. Their customer support is really good. By the way, new name is good and I like the logo too. :) Simple and clean. Good luck Vid and Support team @ Pressable.

  6. Martin Webster

    I recently switched to ZippyKid after outgrowing my previous host. Their basic plan was competitive and gave me room to grow. The new pricing is not what I want; I host a single site and need headroom. This is gone now and I think I’ll have to take a look at Synthesis, WPEngine or Lightning Base. It’s a real shame as I highly recommend their service… but not for $45 for a single site. Not yet anyway.

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