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  1. Mike

    Users can also use the playlist shortcode directly in the editor, even to external sources for the URLs. And with the type parameter, can specify a playlist to be for video.

    This really interests me, but I’m having trouble finding info about the available parameters. Where can I find more info on this

  2. Geordie

    Image properties used to let me add vertical and horizontal margin. Where did that go? I used to be able to experiment with changing image sizes using the ‘%’ shrink/zoom option which is also gone? Now I have to know the exact proportional dimensions I want to use?

  3. Rachit Gupta

    Hy. i am not able to write anything in any new post. Please suggest something.

  4. mariyah

    the visual editor is not appearing. what’s wrong?!

  5. Matt

    What happened to the shortcode icons under the visual tab?

  6. Michael M.

    All of my sites are getting an HTTP error when I try to upload media. Any fix for this?

  7. Arafin Shaon

    WOW simply amazing! I’m really in love with new editing enhancements. Gonna update to 3.9 soon :)

  8. Lorna

    Visual editor or HTML editor will not show up for me at all so it’s completely impossible to make a post! Ugh! Can someone help out with this issue?

  9. Spencer

    Widget Customization & preview is an awesome feature. Previously we have to apply widgets for reviewing how it will be shown, now things got easier with this update,

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