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  1. adam mclane

    There’s always two sides of this argument and there are ways of life built around both. That’s the nature of Open Source becoming so much bigger than just technology. Like Matt tweeted, we’re all amateurs. The trick is trusting the audience to be smart enough to tell the difference between a BS artist and the real deal.

  2. Devin Walker

    I can see his point and concern. He likely could have gone about saying it a bit differently but that probably would not have sparked the conversation like it did. I take a lot of value out of business tracks. The ones I have been to have been on Sunday, which I think is smart to keep it separate from the main event day. As far as unqualified people giving talks, I think the organizers are responsible for ensuring they choose the qualified candidates.

  3. James Dalman

    Excellent thoughts Brian! I appreciate that you defend the freelancer/small shop, because that expertise/knowledge/insight is just as valuable as the large agency. I’ve been involved in both settings and each have a unique perspective.

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