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  1. Brian Richards

    I concur, Devin made a great choice in acquiring DevPress, and the DevPress community has inherited a great leader.

    Congratulations all around!

  2. Juan F. Aldasoro

    The right guy, even the brand matches! Go DevP ;)

  3. The Frosty

    Congrats Devin.

  4. Peter Knight (@peterrknight)

    Nice to see it has fallen into good hands, will be interesting to see how it evolves again.

  5. Sean Davis

    Good stuff! I’ve been running to WP Theming for a while now. Excited to see what happens with DevPress in the future.

  6. Devin Price

    Thanks for the positive post and nice comments everyone! I’m excited for the possibilities with DevPress and hoping to release some great projects this year.

  7. Ian Stewart

    And suddenly DevPress became one of the best WordPress domains I’ve seen. Good luck, Devin!

  8. Noumaan Yaqoob

    As a fan of Devin’s portfolio type plugin and his blog, I am really happy to learn this. Looking forward to see more great things from him on DevPress.

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