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  1. Pippin

    Thanks for the post, Brian, we’re looking forward to it :)

    1. Matt

      Congrats man, love this!

  2. Michael

    I’m starting a podcast about nothing but WordPress podcasts.

    1. Brad Touesnard

      Hah, sounds hilarious, I can’t wait!

  3. OriginalEXE

    Awesome, can’t wait!

  4. Mark McWilliams

    I agree Brian, loving the name! :)

    Definitely one to watch, for sure!

  5. Jeff Freeman

    I’m excited. There are some great podcasts out there but I’m really interested in the more developer-heavy format.

  6. Tom McFarlin

    Dig the name, dig the guys on the show, and love how focused the content is.

    Eager to subscribe :).

  7. Devin Walker

    This is great news. Pippin is the man and his YouTube channel has provided me with great knowledge.

    My frustration with many WP podcasts is that they usually are not developer-centric and filled with 20 minutes of jokes and off topic conversations and 5 minutes of actual information. I’m not saying we can’t have fun, but let’s keep it balanced. I’m looking forward to the show!

  8. Pippin

    Episode 1 has been released!

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